The Lupus Star

It was Monday and Lily woke up, as always, very early to see the sunrise. She carried the white stone of the Smoky Mountains, and gave her greeting of good morning to Matthew, and thanked God for the beautiful new day.

After getting ready for school, she picked up her bag and went downstairs to have breakfast with her father.

“Good morning, my little one”, he said, and Lily replied:

“Good morning Dad! Where is Mom?”

“She is in the garden with Brya, it seems that today she is not well. She has been very quiet and didn’t want to eat, her heart is slower today. We have already called the vet”.

Lily went outside and Brya stared at her. She was unable to get up, she just wagged her furry tail in joy when she saw Lily. Brya was a black wolf with white spots on the chest and legs, she was beautifully hairy and she was Lily’s companion since she was one year old. Her parents gave her as a present, because Lily loved dogs.

Lily felt much grief seeing her great friend and companion like this, since Brya was very playful, and now, seeing her like that, caused Lily much sadness. Lily’s mother told her not to worry and to go to school, she would be responsible to take care of her until she returned.

Staying at school that day was very long for Lily, thinking about her Brya. When she returned back home, she found Brya in the living room, lying on her bed with her toys at her side. Lily came over and kissed her, and gently stroking her fur whispered: “you’ll be fine”.

Lily’s mother came over and asked her to accompany her to the kitchen, there she told her that Brya’s heart was very bad, and the doctor did not give her much time, now she needed a lot of rest and company in order not to feel alone.

Lily started to sob and tremble, her friend and companion was suffering and she could not do anything…did not want to leave Brya. As soon as she was back home from school, she looked after her with very special dedication and love, as only she could do. She asked permission to her parents to stay overnight near Brya, and she constantly watched her. From time to time, she moved her furry tail to thank Lily for everything that she was doing.

A week had passed and Brya was getting worse, her father told Lily that one year of a dog’s life corresponded to seven human years. Since Brya was eleven, it was actually like seventy-seven human years, which is a fairly advanced age, and she should get prepared to say goodbye to her and thank her for all the good times they had lived together.

Lily threw herself into the arms of her father and began to cry, she felt a sharp pain in her chest and a choking in her throat. In that moment she heard a knock on the door, and Lily’s father went to see who was. When he opened the door, he found Mister Sam Wolf, who he invited to come into the living room. Lily came over and was surprised to see him since she hadn’t forgotten the last time she saw him in the Smoky Mountains.

Sam told Lily’s father that the wolf pack knew that Brya would be gone soon, and wanted her to go back to her home. Brya was adopted by Lily’s Father when, still a baby, she was found wandering in the woods.

Sam Wolf told them that tomorrow he would be waiting at the foot of the Smoky Mountains. Lily’s father said that they would be there, and they saw him off. Sam said good night to Lily, and she answered him with a gesture, since she could not articulate a single word. Lily spent the night near Brya, and she did not leave her at any time.

It was Saturday and this time Lily did not go to watch the sunrise, and she felt such sadness that she did not want to leave her friend. After breakfast, Lily’s father arranged everything for the trip. They placed Brya in the back of the truck with her plaid blanket, her pillow and toys. Along the way, Lily was constantly watching Brya, who was breathing with more and more difficulty, and she gave only an occasional glance towards Lily and closed her eyes again. Meanwhile, Lily sang lullabies, since Brya liked them a lot, but this time Brya did not show signs of listening; Lily touched Brya’s chest and her heartbeat could still be heard, but very weakly. Lily began to stroke her fur and kissed her snout and told her how much she loved her and how grateful she was to her for all her love and affection.

Lily’s Father called and said:

“We’ll be there in ten minutes”.

And so it was. When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, Sam was waiting for them. He helped them to carry Brya and entered the forest to the Mysteries of the Mountains. After a twenty minute walk, they reached a small stream bordered with little flowers, autumnal dry leaves, and huge trees. Sam told them to leave Brya near the stream, and they did so. Brya was not breathing well and her heartbeat was difficult to hear. Lily said goodbye to Brya with a hug, and sobbing, she told her that she would always be in her heart. Sam explained to Lily that wolves have a special place in Heaven, that all the wolves’ souls are sparkles of light in the Great Lupus Star, a very beautiful and brilliant constellation. When a wolf dies, forest fairies guide him to the Devas, who are the Magical Guides of animals and plants. They are responsible for guiding their souls. Lily was ecstatic, and between her pain and surprise, she could only nod with her head, showing that she understood what it was going to happen.

After this explanation, they saw how Brya took her last breath, and Lily clung to her Father. Then they saw some littles lights with wings coming out from the trees and leaves. They were the fairies of the forest who surrounded Brya’s body and danced around her. Less than ten minutes later, a very intense blue light came out from Brya’s body and began to dance following the rhythm of Fairies’ song. Lily had her eyes wide-open, watching everything that was happening. Then the blue light approached Lily and surrounded her, illuminating her, and the sadness which Lily was feeling disappeared, and Lily felt a great peace and joy. The blue light began to swirl through the woods and the fairies went along, and Lily began to follow the light, and in that way she was playing with Brya’s light for a few moments when the Magic of the woods let Lily smile again with her beloved friend.

Sam approached Lily and told her it was time to say goodbye. Lily put her hand over her heart, looked at Brya’s light and said:

“I will carry you with me forever!”

The blue light surrounded Lily for the last time, and fairies carried her to the starry sky. Lily didn’t miss one second of that magical moment, until she could no longer see Brya’s light, and at that precise moment, the whole constellation of Lupus was seen, even brighter than before…

Lily did not want to stop looking at the sky, and she also sought Matthew’s star, telling it all that had happened. She put her hand on her heart and said:

“Matthew, you too will see Brya’s star”.

Lily’s father hugged her and told Lily that they had to go back, they said goodbye to Sam Wolf and Sam looked at Lily and said:

“We’ll see each other soon, my little one”.

When they were back home, Lily kept looking at the sky thinking about Brya and Matthew, her best friends and companions, in all their adventures. Lily closed her eyes and whispered:

“Brya and Matthew, I will see you in my dreams”.




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