A Shooting Star

Do you know what a Shooting Star is?   – Lily asked Matthew.

Are they meteors?   – he responded.

Well, no!  – Lily said – That’s what scientists say, but it’s not, the shooting stars are souls that the Gods send to the Earth to help those who need it….

And how do you know that, Lily?  – asked Matthew.

Well that’s what my Papa said, that the ancient sages told stories about the Shooting Star Souls, and that the easily blended in with people.

Matthew was surprised with what Lily was telling him, but he knew that she would never lie to him, she was his best friend and adventure companion. Lily had a very special love for Matthew from the first day she met him, his smile was the most beautiful and tender she had ever seen in her life, although Lily was only twelve years old and Matthew was two years younger than her.

Lily had found the Dragons’ Magic in Matthew, she said that if the stars’ light guides you, you can see the Dragons’ Magic. And with Matthew, it was possible to see Dragons, fairies, the forest light, and every type of magic…

The shooting stars are born in the night sky and travel millions of kilometers until they find their place on the planet, collecting all the universe’s magic on their way. Some are blue, others are yellow with waves of orange and others are an emerald green, depending on their mission on Earth.

The blue shooting stars are going to the cities because they are more prepared for the hectic city life. The yellow stars with orange waves go to the deserts and small cities, these are the stars that Lily likes, and the emerald green ones go to big cities or small ones near the sea…

All of them must help people turn their hearts to true Love… to see the star’s Magic, and the destiny of their souls.

Matthew was to all of this with his mouth open and eyes glimmering and he wished with all of his heart to be able to meet a Shooting Star.

Night was approaching and Matthew had to go back home, Lily accompanied him to his porch and she said good night with her favorite phrase, “Matthew, I will see you in my dreams, take care.” And he responded as always, “I will fly like a Dragon.”


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